Sunday, April 9 2017



TIPI: Come travel with me on a journey through another oneís mindÖ Become one with me as I ponder the reason Yonah cried. Can you open your heart to receive the unknown? Or are you afraid of itÖ Afraid to see the person you really are? OLGA SZYMULA: \'By diving into the ocean of various intensities, qualities and forms she travels the sonic trip of twisted characters, imaginary landscapes and dramatic turns.\' DJ JCAK: DJ Jcak stands for me as a kind of Disc Jockeys Prometheus: He gave sound of primeval beat back to the man. Dj Jcak is paradise old hose. The Scarlet beast that heralds a new era. DJ Jcak is to the DJ culture what Christ was to the Bible: A new wave, the light and the way. - EMMA Ω & THE QUANTUM NOISE MACHINE: Emma Ω plays a modular shitcore unit; the quantum noise machiner (built from the cheapest chinese electronics ebay can offer). Sounds of horror... and fun!
entrance fee:5