Saturday, October 21 2017


lonely forest is back

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LFP Music
Ohm Ganesh Pro


is a project formed together by two close
friends 'Gorump Peyya & Dantrex'.
since 2012 is the only one part of
Biosynthesis 'Dantrex' from Poland in
Berlin. Dantrex was 2010 at Lonely Forest
for the first time & he's the owner of
Evil Knivel Records

means 'the kind one' in Belorussian & AS
stands for Atomic Station.he started in 2000
after his first release on ''NABI-records'',
became Vadim very quickly a new member
in the israel psychedelic trance scene.
Vadim was 2010 at Lonely Forest for the
first time & he's the owner
of Ohm Ganesh Pro

PSYCHOZ [nürnberg]
he plays over 20 instruments professionaly. in
the past 20 years with over 500 songs
released on around 70 labels.Psychoz is still
playing his infamous live sets around the
globe, where he shows his extraordinary skills
with real performance by playing many
instruments mostly keyboard

TERRAMOOG [harz-mountain]
Terramoog is the project of Gordon D. from
Hildesheim, he started producing psytrance
in 2005 and since then creating music and
dancing are the most enjoyable things in his
life. together with his friends he organizes
beautiful private parties in and around his
hometown where he plays his carefully
created liveacts. In 2008 he played live at the
well known german Fusion Festivalwhich
influenced him a, enjoy his music and
have a 'Psychedelic Groovy' time ;)

and DJ's