Monday, June 25 2018


Igancio Ruz + David Wallraf + MACHTKRACH + Electromagnetic & Acoustic Detritus

Iganacio Ruz:

886VG is a Santiago, Chile based Harsh Noise act that has been active in the worldwide underground releasing over 60 records since 2006. It is straight forward noise. While beeing mostly analog centered, souds go from slow developing walls of noise to layered fast cut up noise. From well produced tracks to lo-fi crap noise the project doesnt fall into a unique clasification. Influences/Referencs go from Merzbow, Hanatarash, The New Blockaders to Sickness,Armenia, Developer, etc. The man behind the project is Ignacio Ruz, a sound engineer that also manages No Brain Prods, a underground DIY label + event organizer. A two month 2012 european tour, a 2015 tour through Ecuador plus a history of local presentations are worthy of mention.

David Wallraf:


Surrealer Elektronoise. Klang hinter Spiegeln. Schwarzer Humor. Poetische Propaganda. Pathos und Lärm. Spaß und Widerstand. Instant Komposition. Katastrophische Komposition. Kafkaeske Abziehbildchen. Optimistische Orientierungslosigkeit.

J X ENDE – Stimme, FX
STD – Gitarre, FX

Electromagnetic & Acoustic Detritus (a live set by Chrs Galarreta)
Live sensing and live amplification of electromagnetic fields and of acoustic energy to generate a psycho-acoustic experience. Performed with recycled electronic waste, handmade transducers, the human body and the sound reflections of the space as effect .

VVK (+Gebühr): 4.00 € | AK : 6 €