Thursday, April 18 2019


Idiot Saint Crazy Orchestra

Idiot Saint Crazy Orchestra is probably one of the most singular and exciting adventures of experimental rock in france since a long time. On the map Idiot Saint Crazy Orchestra resolutely occupies a rather off-set location : an industrial harbour in the north of France called Dunkerque. In the musical space they have been inventing for several years, the band activates a new line. Losing oneself in a maze of references, one would perhaps imagine a brilliant synthesis merging the best moments of The Residents, Otto Von Schirach, Fred Frith, Robert Wyatt, Steve Moore, Philip Glass, Ennio Morricone, Slayer, Steve Reich, Naked City, Mr Bungle, Iva Bittova and Diamanda Galas.

Rhapsodic, over-flowing with multiple excursions, playing with codes and genres, the realm of Idiot Saint Crzay Orchetra is “post rock” but in a unusual way, blending virtuosity, pop deconstruction, psychrock, deathmetal, blues, repetitive music and opera.

On stage the musicians wear chevron patterned costumes and masks, multiplying their identities and creating an unsettling game of doubles and illusions. Their music is imaginative, architectured and mighty and it slips between hieratic, grotesque and poignant.

The core of the band is composed of guitarist Valentin Carette, Bass player Antonin Carette and drummer Antoine Chotteau, they are regularly joined by singer Delphine Delegorgue and saxophone and keyboard player Adrien Michel.

Months of isolation and sacrifices few bands would be prepared to face lead to a weird and fabulous album. Daring, complete, bewildering and grandiose, The Sea of Paradise is a fantasy for crate diggers. It would take a lot of monastic listening to exhaust the complexity and deepness of this album.

ISCO is:

Antonin CARETTE : bass

Antoine CHOTTEAU : drums, Rhodes, marimba, piano, percussions, sound fx

Valentin CARETTE : guitar, vocals, synths, electronics, gong