Thursday, May 16 2019


LOST ROOM 5: LIVE: Xarah Dion † Automelodi

Lost Places [Hamburg] & The Red Room haben sich als Lost Room zusammen getan um Bands zu präsentieren, die es verdient haben gehört und gesehen zu werden.

Wir sind stolz die 5 .Kooperation dieses mal mit diesen Künstlern zu veranstalten:

† Live †

Xarah Dion

Xarah Dion ushers in a unique yet classic sound, infused in coldwave, left-field electronics and techno, laced with spoken and sung vocals. Dion's LP Le Mal Nécessaire (2014) brought her to widely tour Europe. Following up, the 7' Sillage & Caprice (2015) made its way in the dark electronic music circles. The sophomore LP FUGITIVE (2016) expands into skillfull arrangements and darker propositions. Following up, the Collision split 12' EP (2018) covered an EBM ground yet maintaining her signature melodies. Dion's new album PLEIN NORD is a synthesis of her past achievements and dives further into progressive structures and incisive sonorities. Xarah Dion is the ethereal instilled into feverish sequences and heavy rythms.


Formed in 2006, Automelodi is now mainly comprised of Xavier Paradis (vocals, synths), and Dillon Steele (guitar, electronics). With a career that spans over two decades (releasing over time with various projects or under different monikers, such as Arnaud Lazlaud), Paradis is a well-established figure in Montréal’s dense electronic music culture, and Automelodi has become one of the most innovative projects to come out of the region.

Automelodi’s music embraces and re-contextualizes a spectrum of influences that include the lesser-known European synthpop and post-punk of the latter Twentieth Century, combined with literary stylizations reminiscent of Gallic songwriters such as Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Fontaine—with nearly all vocals delivered in French. Following their self-released first EP, an eponymous album was released in 2010 by the now defunct Brooklyn label Wierd Records. The second LP, 'Surlendemains acides', was released in digital format in October 2013 and then on vinyl in 2014.

Automelodi have recently completed a third LP which is set to be released in 2019 on Austin's Holodeck Records. The band is also planning a tour to support the new LP. This will be their first time performing in Europe after a nearly 3-year hiatus.

VVK (+Gebühr): 12.00 € | AK : 14 €