Thursday, June 27 2019


Los Sara Fontán

The Violin, amplified, looped and passed by dozens of effects, has the talent to thrill through abstraction, without thematic or stylistic references, beyond post-rock, contemporary classical, noise or minimalism.

Not recording albums is a statement for Fontán, both to free musical ideas from petrifying (every composition is recomposed on every show) and to escape from the record industry hamster wheel.

Whether in single format or duo, accompanied by Edi Pou (half ZA!) on percussion, Sara Fontán concerts are the soundtrack of what one wants to imagine, granting freedom to the viewer to interpret it and feel it in a personal and unique way. Although it seems a paradox, Fontán ensures that she improvises because improvisation forces her to conclude.


13 Year Cicada

13 YC are Philip, Hotti and Zooey. They play drums, bass and synth/voice. They like band practices that start in the morning and end at night. They like rhythms that are so hard to memorize they make everyone enter a state without beginning and ending. They like coming off stage so exhausted they can't even speak.
13 YC like recording, but it really makes a lot of sense to see them live. Their genre fluid style doesn't really make sense. But that's kind of the point. Their shared attitude towards playing a show is what makes it work. And from Tenerife to Berne, Barcelona to Berlin, playing is what they like best.