Crowskin (DE)

  • Live
    2012-03-29 22:00
    Sludge Doom from Berlin Alexandra von Bolz'n - Vocals Flo - Guitar Sasch - Bass Loffi - Drums Klemme - Guitar Formed by Flo (ex-CHAINBREAKER, ex-ALTENBURG 76), Wonny (CONFESSED CRIME, ex-CYNESS, ex-CRUDE B.E.), Dirk (CONFESSED CRIME) und Loffi (CYNESS, CANCER CLAN, ex-CURSE THE CROSS, ex-CRUDE B.E.) in the end of 2004. Added Klemme (ex-CHOPPER) as second guitarist in the end of 2006. Played some live shows in Germany with bands like KYLESA, BARONESS, TORCHE, DISFEAR, VICTIMS, BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS, UNKIND, BLACK MARKET FETUS, AVSKUM, PISSCHRIST, DOOMTOWN and SOTATILA. Recorded a 4 song demo in the end of 2005. Went to the studio in june 2007 to record 4 songs that later, in 2008, came out as a split LP w/ BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS on Vendetta Records and as the "Harmony of death" 7" on Monocore Records, Berlin. Toured Germany in october 2007. Took a break to cure injuries and write new material in 2008. Played some shows in autumn 2008 with guest vocalist Alexandra von Bolz'n. Parted ways with singer Wonny at the end of 2008. Alexandra von Bolz'n joined as official singer at the beginning of 2009. Recorded songs for a Slap-a-Ham-compilation LP, a split 12" with BLACK FREIGHTER and a split-7" with GOLDEN GORILLA in spring 2009. Played a bunch of shows with NARSAAK and INSUICIETY. In May 2009, Dirk left the band and got replaced by Sasch (PAIN OF MIND, SUNNA SEPDOOM). Working on a new album in 2010 on Vendetta Records Berlin. See you on one of our upcoming shows.