• Live: Life Of Agony + BillyBio - 10. October 2018

    HAMBURG KONZERTE, Visions, laut.de präsentieren: Life Of Agony - Warm Up Show an Bord der Stubnitz Support: BillyBio (Billy Graziadei von Biohazard & Powerflo mit neuer Band) Mit ihrem aktuellen...

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Sat, August 11, 2018

Live: Rising Appalachia - 08. September 2018

Rising Appalachia bringen eine vielfältige Sammlung von Klängen, Geschichten und Liedern auf die Bühne, traditionsreich und in Hingabe an die Vielfalt der Kulturen der Welt. Sie spüren eine tiefe Verbindung zur ursprünglichen Musik und haben es zu ihrem Lebenswerk gemacht, Lieder zu singen, die mit etwas sehr Altem und dennoch Zeitlosen in Verbindung treten.
Geleitet von den Stimmen der beiden Schwestern Leah und Chloe und zusammen mit ihrer Band, dem Percussionist Biko Casini und dem Bassisten und Gitarristen David Brown, kreieren Rising Appalachia einen Schmelztiegel treibender Tanzrhythmen und voller Vertrauen, dass wir in offener & inklusiver Gemeinschaft in unser höchstes Potential wachsen werden.
Als Nomadenband ziehen sie seit zwölf Jahren auf ihrem farbenfrohen Weg durch die Länder dieser Erde, im September kommen sie nach Deutschland und laden ein zu einer Nacht voller Wünsche & Wunder!

Sisters Leah & Chloe are the collective voice that leads Rising Appalachia, a melting pot of folk music simplicity, textured songwriting, and those bloodline harmonies that only siblings can pull off. Proudly born and raised in the concrete jungle of Atlanta, Georgia, sharpening their instincts in the mountains of Appalachia, and fine tuning their soul on the streets of New Orleans they have crafted a 6-album folk-roots career from the dusts of their passion.

Youtube Link :: Official website :: Fcbk Link :: Instagram Link

Early-Bird Tickets: 17€ (+Gebühr) :: Vorverkauf: 22€ (+Gebühr) :: Abendkasse 26€
Einlass 20 Uhr :: Konzert 21 Uhr
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Soundkartell

Sat, August 11, 2018

Live: Bone Zeno & The Cool - 06. September 2018

Some people need to create in order to remain sane and BONE ZENO confesses he is one of those lost souls who will need to drain the beastly venom of hyperactivity from his veins until the Devil needs an overcoat. An animal of instinct, he tunes into a higher power allowing creativity to flow and mutate into the plethora of musical styles that can be found in his recordings and live performances. Born in the 1970s, BONE ZENO is one of the Last Mohicans: a bastard child of Hippiedom and Punk Anarchy, bringing their message to present and future generations.
This nomadic musician considers himself a Londoner, but has rested his head on many a dirty pillow. His one track mind concentrating on the creation of music that embodies his spirit, he takes inspiration from an array of surprising stimuli. Arab rhythms played in a Marakesh cab ride, bustling traffic and his own footsteps pounding down the Reeperbahn, the energy of rage in his Slayer records... all these coagulate as acacophonous soup poured into primitive mobile phone recordings, to later be dissected and repeated over and over until the shambolic storm of self-hate and love is refined and tamed into something that sounds like him and no-one else.
Moody and alone, but not a loner, BONE ZENO is usually a solo act. In 2016, however, BONE ZENO was signed to Berlin music label Impression,a move that conducted the static cloud that was his European tour (see also: homelessness) and discharged it in the form of his first album, BLACK MILK, recorded at Impression’s studio with three guest musicians. The title and indeed musical content of BLACK MILK has so much poetic vibration, he explains: “You don’t see the light if there is no dark”.
​Written by Emma Sayers

Official Website :: Bandcamp Link

THE COOL is a two-man Band that playes a raw, authentic and unique Garage-Punk-Beat-Folk-Psych-Rock from Hamburg St.Pauli-Underground called BARAGE-Music!

Fcbk Link

Doors 2000 :: Begin 2100

Mon, August 06, 2018

Festival: KATHARSIS - 1. September 2018

Die Katharsis ist eine Party mit Liveacts für Noise / Industrial / EBM / ..., die seit 2015 etwa zweimal im Jahr im Fundbuero stattgefunden hat.

Live Music:
(Out of Line): Experimental Electro-Industrial
META MEAT (Ant-Zen/Audiotrauma): Tribal Electro-Industrial
S.K.E.T. (Hands): Political Rhythm Industrial
ZAN LYONS: Live A/V and strings
NOIRE ANTIDOTE (Audiotrauma): Post-Industrial/Witch House
ECSTASPHERE (Audiotrauma): Special Ambient Set
CHAOTALION: Electronic Soundscapes

Performance Art:
: sexWORKperformanceART Post-Punk ANTOINE PANACHÉ (Barreuh Records): Avant-Garde Experimental Outsider Drag Darkness

Art Installation by:
- Art Kollektiv

THEDI (Kiew)
A/ONA (Drone Berlin)
SUPERSIMMETRIA (Hands/Monolith Rec.)
AKOASMA (Mondmaler)
LUNAXINE (Katharsis)

Doors 21:00 :: Presale Link: 13€ :: At the doors: 15€ :: Siehe auch: katharsis-party.de/