• Live :: Yat Kha - 14. Nov. 2017

    Yat-Kha - Music and throat singing from the Altai-Sayani Mountains of Tuva (southern Siberia). / Musik und Kehlkopfgesang aus dem Sajangebirge Tuwas (Südsibirien).Yat-Kha gehören zu den...

  • Jazz Rock Live :: Marutyri (NL) - 23. Nov. 2017

    Marutyri is an in Rotterdam based, instrumental fusion band. The deep and solid grooves, intense harmonies, story telling solo’s and the well arranged parts, make Marutyri unique in the today’s’...

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Wed, October 18, 2017

Grindcore Live :: Bestial Vomit (Peru/Italy) - 22. Oct. 2017

Grindcore aus Peru / Italien

Fri, September 15, 2017

Live :: Onry Ozzborn (Fake Four) & DiscoCtrl (Audiolith) - 01.10.2017

präsentiert von Audiolith & Off The Radar

ONRY OZZBORN :: Audio Link
Michael Martinez, eher bekannt unter seinem Künstlernamen Onry Ozzborn, ist Rapper und Produzent, ansässig in Seattle. Als Mitgründer der alternativen Hip-Hop-Bands Grayskul (Rymesayers) und Dark Time Sunshine (Fake Four) steht sein Stil in direkter Tradition des "goldenen Zeitalters" des Hiphop und erinnert an die Attitüde und Intelligenz von Rakim und Kool Keith. Seine Beats sind experimentell und elektrisierend. Zuletzt veröffentlichte er 2016 das Album "Duo" bei dem Label Fake Four Inc. mit den Gästen Aesop Rock, Kimya Dawson, P.O.S, Nathan Quiroga of Iska Dhaaf, Terra Lopez of Sister Crayon und Rob Sonic

DISCOCTRL :: Audio Link
Zwischen der Leichtigkeit des Seins, Selbstzweifeln & Chancenungleichheit hält DiscoCtrl mit fünf Fingern das Mikrophon – und vielleicht auch ein wenig sich selbst daran fest – weil er nur dann ganz genau weiß, was er tut. Im Oktober 2013 veröffentlichte der Rapper mit seiner Crew Image Ctrl das Album “Better Living Through Image Ctrl”, seit 2016 gibt es neue Soloprojekte in Kollaboration mit befreundeten Produzenten. Aufgewachsen in Austin und Berlin, ist DiscoCtrl durch zwei sehr unterschiedlichen Welten geprägt. In Texas bewegte er sich auch abseits der weißen Mittelschicht und lernte zuerst in der Schule, später als Koch und Student, Amerika sowie den Rassismus und Klassismus der amerikanischen Justiz kennen. Neben dem vorherrschenden East Coast & Third Coast Hip Hop kam DiscoCtrl im mexikanisch geprägten Austin unter anderem mit Screw Music in Berührung. Als der Zivildienst ihn zurück in die Heimat Berlin orderte, hing Disco vor allem mit der Antifa und verliebte sich in das dreckige, schlagende Herz der Stadt: Techno. Seine Musik ist beeinflusst vom NYC der 80er, der East Coast der 90er, Austin in den 00 Jahren & dem Berlin von heute.

Türe 20 Uhr :: Programmbeginn 21 Uhr :: Eintritt 15€

Fri, September 15, 2017

DIY Noise Rock Live :: MoE + Dead - 20.09.2017

Two DIY Noise Rock innovators, one show.

DEAD and MoE are two bands with a relentless work ethic; touring and releasing music as if their lives depended on it.
Most bands seem determined to fit into someone else’s mould, DEAD and MoE have created their own scene. With a cult following their effects are felt across the world. After touring Australia in 2016 they’ve put together a concert that is more than two bands sharing a stage together; it is a collaboration crafted over more than a years work.

Doors 20:00 :: Damage 12 €

Jem and Jace are DEAD.
Having spread their bastard seeds across at least three continents since their 2010 inception, DEAD is a Voltron-like beast formed from stripped-to-the-bone Karp and Melvins, ultra-heavy aberrations of Wire and Gang of Four angular punk, odd technical riffage of GodHeadSilo and No Means No, the aggro Aussie vibes of Feedtime, and creepshow experimentation. Sounds pretty cool, right?
It’s no wonder DEAD has been invited to play with Big Business, White Shit, Hammerhead, VAZ, Gay Witch Abortion, Monarch, Earthless, Black Cobra, Eagle Twin, Cough, Eternal Elysium, Carburetor Dung, Hard-Ons and a heap of other bands just as good but not as famous. They’ve toured Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the US.
DEAD also make their own merch, do all their artwork, run their own label (WeEmptyRooms) AND write their own music!!!! Wow!!

Label website :: Bandcamp Link

The Norwegian band MoE is known for mixing their minimalistic compositions with alternative and experimental approaches that fails to fit in the rock genre. With countless collaborations exceeding the borders of rock and noise, MoE seeks the absolute presence in the execution of the music. Loud and violently, they molest their instruments and brings the listener closer to a healthy insanity.
Their recent activity includes touring in Mexico, Australia, Japan, Europe and South East Asia, seeking new collaborations with experimental scenes all over the planet to expand the music. MoE continues working in an unpredictable, noisy and dark landscape, with a broad musical hunger. Countless artist’s and bands have made a big impact on their musical lives. But first and foremost it’s the life of alternative music that provides the passion of MoE. Over the years MoE has collaborated with numerous musicians with a wide musical background.
Existing since 2008, MoE has released “Lies” (7″, 2009), “It Pictures”(LP, 2011), and “Left to swallow” (12″ one sided LP single, 2012). MoE/The Observatory split single, “David Yow” seven inch and three albums in the series “Oslo Janus”, in addition to 2014’s “MoE 3” (released on Fysisk Format.) October 2016 MoE will release their new album co-produced by Jørgen Træen, and with some exiting guest.
MoE’s palette is still composed of a multitude of expressions which catalyses into a highly charged and viscid sound. Executed with a profound presence, spontaneous energy and dedication. Many influences have been pointed out, and descriptions are sometimes close to contradictory; “MoE is like Jesus Lizard/Scratch Acid meets Napalm Death dressed up like very early Swans.”
Meaning MoE don’t care about genres.

Due to their rather clean academic middle class look, MoE has mistakenly been taken to be actors from “Little House on the Prairie”, but when amps are lit, you’ll soon see more similarities with the “Exorcist’s” Regan MacNeil than the Ingalls. This shows some of MoEs duality and why many listeners get caught in a brutal ambush from this hard hitting non posing band.
Extensive touring outside the usual paths has become a trade mark, putting MoE on the map as one of the most adventurous DIY bands in Europe. China, Japan, Vietnam, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, and countless other countries have all witnessed and embraced MoE’s presence.
In addition to their “normal” albums, they keep releasing a series of albums under the name of “Oslo Janus”. The latest, “Oslo Janus #3” (recorded in Tokyo 2015 and released March 2016), shows some of the complexity in their musical language. The album consists of 5 instrumental improvisations searching for the rock to come, and a cover you’ll probably never forget.

MoE is:
Guro Skumsnes Moe: Bass, vocals
Joakim Heibø Johansen: Drums
Håvard Skaset: Guitar

Bandcamp Link


Gefördert durch die Initiative Musik gemeinnützige Projektgesellschaft mbH mit Projektmitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und MedienGefördert durch die Initiative Musik gemeinnützige Projektgesellschaft mbH mit Projektmitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien