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Demented Are Go (UK) - Live at MS Stubnitz // 2006-07-27 - Video Select
Thu, 27. Jul 2006


Demented Are Go

Ever since the genre of psychobilly reared its ugly head DEMENTED ARE GO, Cardiff born, have been feared and revered as one of Europes top underground acts. DEMENTED ARE GO, the twisted brainchild of Welsh cousins Spark Retard and Ant the mule Thomas, have so far achieved top ten indie chart success and built up a cult following with a post modern mixture of styles that encapsulates everything bad about Rock'n'Roll. .. After nearly 30 years of non-stop touring, taking in Europe, Japan and the USA, the band has refined its line-up. .After breaking free from the restrictions of the psychobilly pigeonhole DEMENTED ARE GO have reinvented the genre with a more brutal and uncompromising edge. The music is a testement to all the bad stuff that Rock'n'Roll has to offer, the sonic equivalent of a seventies splatter movie. From 50's grindhouse Rock 'n' Roll lovesongs, through to acid soaked 60's garage and ending up somewhere in drag-punk heaven - and all with a stand up bass -these guy's ain't messin'! Lose some brain cells listening to the albums from DEMENTED ARE GO - the monster that lurks within Rock'n'Roll's closet. GO TO PUNKABILLY HEAVEN KIDS.


Cardiff / UK


Psychobilly, Punk, Rockabilly


Mark Sparky Philips (vocals / drums)
Gavin Evans (guitar)
Dick Thomas (guitar)
Ray Thompson (bass)
Ant Thomas (drums / vocals / bass)
Lex Luthor (guitar 1985-97
Paul Choppy Lambourne (double bass)
Kelvin Klump (double bass




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