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Mama!Milk (JP) - Live at MS Stubnitz // 2005-07-20 - Video Select
Wed, 20. Jul 2005



Mama!milk is by accordion player Yuko Ikoma and contrabass player Kosuke Shimizu. Based in the old city Kyoto, mama!milk has been performing at various venues like art museums, theater, cafe and even at a temple. Yuko Ikoma laces gorgeous and mysterious melodies by her beautiful fingers and Kosuke Shimizu built, various beats from deep down to up. Their music has been described as Japanese New Exotica, Cinema for Ears. The sexy and beautiful sound of accordion will cross by to the cool contrabass as if it is trying to seduce and other instruments were smiling to hear that eroticism in that sound and fit in as well. Inner ecstasy comes out from that crossing and continues to stay regardless of time.


Kyoto / Japan


Acoustic, Experimental, Folk


Yuko Ikoma: accordion
Kosuke Shimizu: contrabass



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