Stubnitz presents: Fast Forward Copenhagen - 20. April 2018

Fast Forward CopenhagenFast Forward Copenhagen

Fast Forward Productions formed in December 2015 as a new take on DIY rave culture where all events is build from the ground up, focusing on our local scene and on collabing with likeminded crews and concepts from abroad. With a focus on social engagement, and by using activists from the local community to help make the events come to life, Fast Forward actively focuses in creating safe spaces at the venues we use where sexism, racism, homophobia and transphobia is not be tolerated. After the first year of activities, numerous collabs and a tight knit relationship with Herrensauna Berlin, FOMO Club Stockholm, Bare Hands Vienna, we decided to establish us as an Agency with 12 of the scene´s core members containing both DJ-sets and live acts and to not only work both as a traditional agency, but also as a promotional platform for each individual´s creative output.

Line Up:

Schacke (Ectotherm)

Rune Bagge (Ectotherm)

Dj Ibon (Ectotherm, BunkerBauer)

Repro (live) (Euromantic)

Niki Istrefi (live) (Euromantic)

Sugar (Euromantic, Et Andet Sted)

Sella Turcica (BunkerBauer)

Lund & Rønde (BunkerBauer)

Begin 2300 :: Damage 8€


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