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Tribazik (UK) - Live at MS Stubnitz // 2012-10-13 - Video Select
Sat, 13. Oct 2012



The unique blend of thrash, rave, acid, alt. rock and breakbeat make Tribazik one the most exciting Live bands on the UK scene. Their driving energy, powerful vocals, intense electronic sounds and melodic breakdowns bring together a variety of genres that make up the idiosyncratic Tribazik sound. Following a successful year of touring in Europe & gigs in the UK (inc. Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Boomtown Fair) they are now looking forward to 2012. A busy year ahead will see the release of their second anticipated album 'Frames of Reference', Produced by Youth (Killing Joke/ The Orb/ Dragonfly Records) followed by a ltd edition vinyl with remixes by DJ Hype (Jungle/DnB) and Chris Liberator (Acid Techno). TRIBAZIKs sound is a fusion of Rave / Psychedelic / Dub / Acid / Breakbeat & Thrash, a live cross-genre infusion of heavy grooves, pulsating sonics and electro-influenced break beats, accompanied by psychedelic visuals making them one the most exciting live bands on the around. Expanding on past influences whilst creating a unique style of music, this London-based trio incorporate a live cross-genre infusion of heavy grooves, pulsating sonics and electro-influenced beats - pushing psychedelic energy into a contemporary alternative sphere. Challenging todays mediocrity in popular rock music TRIBAZIKs subject matter breaks away from societys constraints, and looks positively beyond the physical realm and the universe surrounding us. Having been regulars on the metal circuit and with their own sound system on the underground rave scene, Jerry Kandiah (Vocals/Guitar) and Hedge Seel (Drums/Samples) joined forces and started developing a sound and style of playing that paid tribute to the music they love the most: Acid Techno, Rave, Thrash Metal & Alt. Rock. In fusing these genres, Hedge combines the Roland TD5-K electronic kit with his acoustic one, while Jerry utilises a Guitar to Midi set up, both of which trigger real time sounds. Random sample loops from analogue equipment (including Roland TB303, Monopoly, Novation, Juno 106 etc.) are formed, transferred to electronic drum pads, then thrashed out with heavy/melodic guitar, mad beats, unique arrangements and time signatures. The result sounds like Captain Beefheart jamming with Soulfly or a Thrash band playing at an old-school acid techno rave. After hearing the 303 ridden Yang To Yin, bassist Paul Raven invited the band to support Killing Joke on two European tours. TRIBAZIK released their debut album All Blood is Red through Eastworld in March 2009. Mixed by Andy Gill (Gang of Four), Jaz Coleman added his own vocals to Molten and appeared on the accompanying music video (released in April this year). Syan joined in early 2009. Her previous band Interlock released their critically acclaimed album Crisis//reinvention through Anticulture Records in 2004. With a new influence in the band and a new approach to writing and arranging Jerry and Syan wanted to push the sound further. With the addition of Syans synth pedals and a guitar to MIDI converter (allowing synth sounds to be played live on the guitar as well as on the drum pads), the TRIBAZIK sound has become fatter, darker and more explosive. Tribaziks live show involves an interactive multimedia experience that brings the audience closer to the bands ethos. Thought-provoking visuals projected on stage draw on the potent lyrics.

Jaz Coleman from Killing Joke was singing on some tracks.


London / UK


Rave / Psychedelic / Dub / Acid / Breakbeat & Thrash Crossover


Jerry Kandiah: Vocals
Syan: Bass
Hedge Seel: Drums



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