:: EVENT :: Katharsis - MS Stubnitz :: Samstag, 7. September 2019 ab 20:00 Uhr

:: EINLASS ab 20:00 UHR :: BEGINN 21:00 UHR

:: VVK (+Gebühr): 17.00 € Tickets | AK : 20 €

:: WEBSITE ::www.katharsis-party.de/ 

In Aristotelian poetics, 'catharsis' describes the highest form of spiritual purification through art appreciation. Contemporary psychology also uses the term to describe the phenomenon when the soul frees itself of negative emotion by acting out suppressed inner conflicts. For us, catharsis is an encounter with ourselves, a look at our own substance which we can achieve only when the music clasps us in its arms, when we taste the precious freedom of devoting ourselves to the sounds unconditionally.

From KATHARSIS you can expect a mixture of all different styles of the industrial sound aesthetics, but also a lot beyond that. The focus lies on rhythmics and hypnotizing soundscapes. There will be music to dance to and music to dream to. In the proper sense of catharsis, we want to cleanse ourselves of conventional musical dogmas and the boundaries in sound aesthetics which we are being induced with every day.

We want to break tonal taboos, explore unusual frequency ranges and open up our mind to the unheard.You are invited to worship the music and worship yourself in this collective night of catharsis.

Purge yourself, free yourself, celebrate yourself

Doors: 20h

Begin: 21h


Live Music

MONOLITH (Hands) ................ Rhythmic Noise / Industrial-Techno
SONIC AREA (Audiotrauma/Ant-Zen) Modular Sci-Fi Minimalism
ISZOLOSCOPE (Ant-Zen) ........... Industrial / Breaks
16PAD NOISE TERRORIST (Hands) ... PostNuclearBrutalismFunk
AMESHA SPENTA (Audiotrauma) ..... Post Industrial Rock
GORESHIT (Retox) ................ Breakcore
ALEPH (Raumklang/Audiotrauma) ... Experimental IDM / Dark Ambient
FLESH x PEAKi ................... Witch House / Dark Electronics
JON DARC ........................ Dark Performative Avantgarde Pop
RRAUSCH ......................... Dark Techno / Acid


141 .................. (Retox)
Frl. Linientreu ...... (Ant-Zen)
Anoxemia ............. (Noire Antidote)
Skam ................. (Brainforest)
Akoasma .............. (Mondmaler)
Lunaxine ............. (Katharsis)
Ophelia The Suffering (Katharsis)


Video Installation by
Site specific multimedia artwork

Art Exhibition by
Urban underground collages




Eric Van Wonterghem, the man behind MONOLITH, is one of the most important figures to come out of Belgium's electronic music scene. Dating back to the start of the 1980's, Eric has been active in influential projects such as Absolute Body Control, The Klinik and Insekt.

During the early to mid 90s a new industrial sound with an emphasis on heavily distorted drums and percussions would emerge under the name 'rhythmic noise'. Eric, at the forefront of this sound, would soon create his solo artist project MONOLITH, releasing the full length 'Compressed Form' in 1997 on his old partner Dirk Ivens' Daft imprint.
Eric would then also take up a position in 'Sonar', a very popular rhythmic noise project helmed by Dirk Ivens.

MONOLITH's latest full album 'Time Running Out', released in 2016, showcases the project's cutting edge, post contemporary industrial-techno music with highly its percussive drum programming and infectious sound design set to overrun dance floors.




Co-founder of the French audiotrauma collective, since 1997, SONIC AREA (aka Arco Trauma, Chrysalide..), has been creating hybrid, bold and immersive electronic music, made from pure synthesis and sonic cut-up, by taking inspiration from the industrial scene, hip hop, tribal, ambient and movie soundtracks.
An ambitious and original approch, full of moments of grace and inclined to retro futurism that brings
a deep fresh wave to the electronic scenes and to a certain idea of independant artistic life style.

In 2016, four years after the critically acclaimed 'Music for Ghosts' album, SONIC AREA returned with 'Eyes in the Sky', a release which astoundingly combines the unmistakable with the unexpected. Inspired by the mysteries secretly hidden within dark nights and by classical sci-fi culture, this oeuvre is about a nostalgic cosmic space and time travel in an imaginary spherical spaceship. A metaphor of the phantasmagoric
biosphere/technosphere all autists and mind explorers nowadays survive in, locked in their own imagination while drifting into the unknown.
If you don't know SONIC AREA, you have every reason to change that as soon as possible. Novices will discover a varied and rich universe of truly innovative electronic music.





Yann Faussurier has been making music under the moniker ISZOLOSCOPE since 1999, crafting pulsing, pounding soundscapes with a core of industrial, hard-core, break-core and rhythmic noise layered with intelligent and often surprising details, such as melodic percussions and carefully placed breaks, rich, orchestral textures and dark, cinematic distortions.  Experimental in nature and charged with energy, the music evokes a darkness, tension and atmosphere which immediately carries the listener away on an immersive, complex journey of introspection.

Founded as a collaboration in 1999, iszoloscope became Faussurier’s solo project in 2001. Since then, the project has amassed an impressive oeuvre: 7 full-length albums on European labels Ant-Zen and Spectre, 8 successful tours in Europe and North America, several EPs and collaborations, a long list of remixes and compilations, and appearances at shows and festivals around the world, including a regular spot on the lineup at Germany's Maschinenfest. In recent years, iszoloscope's live and studio lineup has also included Shane Whitbread, Guillaume Nadon and Frédéric Scarfone.





A project by Candy Schlüer-Otto, who has been active in the experimental and electronic music scene since the early 90s. In 2010 16PAD NOISE TERRORIST's first album 'Utopia' was released on the renowned German Industrial label Hands. Since then, Candy has released three follow-up albums under this monicker, the last installment being the fantastically unique 2018 release 'Eunoia'.

Stilistically, 16PAD NOISE TERRORIST can accurately be described as Drum 'n' Bass, but, as it is heavily influenced by the Industrial sound, rather as an ominously experimental and dark style of Drum 'n' Bass rather than the liquid, 'sunshiny' side of that genre. Candy mixes cutting-edge beats with distorted basslines and melodic synths in a rhythmic and emotional symbiosis, sequences of slow motion beats and ambient soundscapes transfer listeners to parallel sound universes. And yet there are clear influences from IDM, Punk and Rhythmic Noise molden into the music, which Candy himself describes as PostNuclearBrutalismFunk.





Involved in the French Post-Industrial scene for the last 20 years and member of the Audiotrauma label since 2009, AMESHA SPENTA offers hybrid progressive music varying from distorted downtempo beats and cold cinematic layers to frantic, guitar-driven sonic explosions.

The latest album to date, 2016s 'Simplexity' was deeply inspired by Godfrey Reggio's visionary & eco-nihilistic fable 'Visitors', mirroring human behavior towards an ever-growing technology in a decaying world.
Going back and forth between complex emotional landscapes and clear-sighted artistic visions, AMESHA SPENTA is Sébastien Béné-Le Touarin's attempt to paint pictures with sounds in what appears to be an intimate quest to get the exact color of our own doubts and contradictions.





Originally formed as a two-piece black metal project in 2005, GORESHIT drastically changed their sound shortly after coming into existence and began creating what has become known as 'lolicore', releasing their debut EP 'わたしわばかやろです' (incidentally the only GORESHIT release featuring both band members) in 2006.

Since then (and as a one man project by Leon Makepiece) GORESHIT has expanded into producing music in various styles including (but not limited to) more 'traditional' breakcore, speedcore, idm, drum and bass, dubstep, dancecore, mashcore as well as further refining his lolicore sound.

GORESHIT's tracks have appeared on several compilations and he has put out a number of full length albums and splits for free (mostly self-released but occasionally on netlabels such as Dance Corps). He has recently started performing live shows, including a fastastic concert in 2017 at Germany's cult Industrial festival Maschinenfest.





A Berlin based electronic musician, also known under the monicker Supersimmetria (released on Hands / Industry8 / zone30records / LePetitMachiniste). ALEPH is a project more dedicated to sound experimentation, it was born on 2015 from the necessity to give a net differentiation to the type of musical material that came out within the last years.

The idea of just going with the flow of inspiration is like returning to the root source of thoughts as such, and Aleph, the first letter of the Phoenician alphabet, is a perfect symbol for that quest.

The audience will encounter an engaging mixture of acoustic key sounds, gentle rhythms and ritual atmospheres.





A sonic witch from the seaport, FLESH is gnawing its way through dynamic speakers all over the world to strike terror into people's living rooms. She uses her own field recordings and various synthesizers in order to achieve her goal of spreading her dark energies as far as possible. These energies penetrate the human psyche to create a paralysing, nightmarish atmosphere, which elevates the listener to another level of conciousness, where FLESH can finally communicate.

On the other hand, PEAKI stands for progressive track structures of deep hoover basses, stomping drums with trap and metal rhythms and haunting lead synths. Multilayered melodies, oscillating between playful spheres and emphatic roughness, play with each other in PEAKI's dark atmospheres. Cold synthesis: PEAKIs second generation witch house is mixed with downtune vocal symples and some arabic influences.




Performance artist, songwriter and singer Johannes Frick and producer and songwriter Moritz Hofbauer form the queer electronic music and performance project JON DARC, dedicated to unconventional approaches to the writing and composing of pop music, creating unique sound aesthetics for contemporary music.

The themes of their work include lyrical narrations from Johannes' life, explorations of youth, club and queer culture right up to socio-critical issues of our present day. Their concerts are focussed on spectacular stage shows and performance art, accompanied by live visuals made up of real film, VFX and motion design sequences, and a constume and stage concept that represents the aesthetic of their subjects.

JON DARC's musical style is a dark and thrilling hybrid of avantgarde pop music merged with various styles of contemporary electronic music, including Trip Hop, IDM and Dubstep.





An ecstastic state, real and unreal at the same time. Dark, pulsading techno - hypnotic yet playful.

Originating from the Dark Techno scene, RRAUSCH uses that energy and combines it with mystical melodies and  tapestries of sound. An experimental approach characterised by its inherent contrasts: a symbiosis of raw brutality and bittersweet melancholy.

VVK (+Gebühr): 17.00 € | AK : 20 €

Website :: www.katharsis-party.de/