Live: 28.04.17 - Manish Pingle [IN] + Berget (SE) & Sheik Anorak [FR]

Ein spannender Konzertabend aktueller Musik: MANISH PINGLE aus Indien spielt eine Musik die eher der Sitar zugeordnet wird in großer Perfektion auf einer Slide Gitarre. Frank Garcia's Solo Projekt SHEIK ANORAK ist innovative französiche Popmusik mit guitar- & electronic sounds. Frank Garcia steht auch hinter dem faszinierenden Label gafferrecords in Lyon. Die schwedische Band BERGET schliesst den Konzertabend mit einem melancholisch-sinfonischen Programm.

MANISH PINGLE: Born in the family of music lovers, Manish was introduced to Indian classical music by his mother. After a few years of learning basics of classical vocal , he started his initial training in Indian slide guitar from Late Shri Vishnu Waliwadekar. Manish is currently under the tutelage of USTAD SHAHID PARVEZ, the famous sitar maestro of Itawa gharana.

Frank Garcia IS SHEIK ANORAK. Sheik Anorak was born in 2006. Sheik Anorak is a solo project. During these solo performances Sheik Anorak uses a guitar, a drumkit, a computer and some effect pedals... Sheik Anorak sometimes plays with other musicians in free improvised sessions. Sheik Anorak also plays in regular bands. It can be improvised or written... or both... or none.
Sheik Anorak is a noise project, but also rock...pop...improvised...experimental... Sheik Anorak is noise...and noise is sexy.

BERGET: is ambient, slow pop with noisy twist and grungy turns. Light and dark, heavy but dreamy. Furthermore, Berget is a a constant search for new stones to look under and to play with. A dedicated pursuit of love and confirmation, that more often leads to highs of a totally different kind. Berget is also the swedish word for (the) mountain. And, as any mountain, Berget wants more. Always. Wants to grow bigger, reach new heights and find the most beautiful views. It´s worth the crash. Every time.
Berget - Homepage

Doors 2o:oo . Concert 2o:3o . Presale: 10€ (+fee) . Door: 14€
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..ıl Kirchenpauerkai 29. 20457 Hamburg lı..

..ıl U4 HafenCity Universität lı..
..ıl Bus 111 Baakenhöft (über U Überseequartier, U Baumwall, U S Landungsbrücken, S Reeperbahn & Bf. Altona) lı..

..ıl Wer in Sachen Konzerte auf der Stubnitz früher informiert sein möchte, hier geht's zu unserem NEWSLETTER , einfach eintragen und immer Bescheid wissen, Arr! lı..

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