Live: Math/Noise/Jazz-Rock: The Golden Oriole, Di., 21.03.2017

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The Golden Oriole live in Tallin 25/10/16

In 2012 the Norwegian band Staer played their very first gig outside of Norway on the Stubnitz as a kick-off to their European tour with the mighty Child Abuse. Impressed as the crew of the Stubnitz was with Stear they were welcomed to play again again some time later.
Sadly, the band broke up but some of the members regrouped and went on to tour other projects.
This is one of the newest of these projects.

It will be great!

Tür 20:00 Konzert 21:00 : VVK: 8€ (zzgl. VVK-Gebühr) AK: 10€

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….. .ı.llılı.ıl.lı. .ı.llılı.ıl.lı. .ı.llılı.ıl.lı. .ı.llılı.ıl.lı. …. .ı.llılı.ıl.lı. .ı.llılı.ıl.lı. .ı.llılı.ıl.lı. .ı.llılı.ıl.lı. ….

[Kirchenpauerkai 29. 20457 Hamburg. – U4 HafenCity Universität. Bus 111 Baakenhöft]

Wer in Sachen Konzerte auf der Stubnitz früher informiert sein möchte, hier geht's zu unserem NEWSLETTER , einfach eintragen und immer Bescheid wissen, Arr!:


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