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Mörser (DE) - Live at MS Stubnitz // 2012-05-05 - Video Select
Sat, 05. May 2012



thanks a lot for this Video!
i think it's the most professional Live-Video we ever got.

but this was the last song of that gig. so everyone of us is already a little bit lazy.
i want to see the 1st songs of the set right after we entered the stage fresh and tight :)

it was a very great show for us. it was crazy to play between 2 Electro-Acts and nevertheless the people celebrated our noise with us!
too bad that 2 of our 3 shouters wasn't with us that night!
so DC (with the long hair) saved our gig. Thanks for that. we want you as our 4th shouter :D

hope we can visit and play the Stubintz in Rostock,too!

oh, and by the way, the name of this track is "Concrete Head Crush" and it's taken of our latest album called "1st Class Suicide"

Best Wishes,
(guitar of Mörser... the guy with the "Das Boot" Shirt)

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