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087 – The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band (th)
Hamburg, 21.4.2015
»Paradise Bangkok began as a regular club night in Thailand in 2009 featuring DJs and collectors Chris Menist and Maft Sai, spinning music from Africa, the Caribbean and Asia. Compilations and their own label followed which lead to the The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band being formed, who released their debut LP ‘21st Century Molam’ in 2014.«
molam | thai pop | blues | dub

086 – Strändernas Svall (se)
Hamburg, 16.3.2014
»Strändernas Svall makes energetic, twisted and spastically danceable music for meditation. Strändernas Svall is Finn Loxbo on guitar, Vegard Lauvdal on drums and occasionally Rasmus Persson on lights.«
post rock

085 – Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra (de, Berlin)
Hamburg, 23.4.2015
»Das Berliner Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra (AMEO) zählt nach vier hochgelobten Albumveröffentlichungen und über 170 Konzerten weltweit zu den eigenwilligsten und mitreißendsten Großensembles unserer Zeit.Das selbstorganisierte, seit über 12 Jahren aktive Orchester arbeitet wie kein zweites unabhängiges Großensemble konstant und experimentierfreudig zusammen: AMEO besteht aus 18 professionell ausgebildeten, gefragten Musikern aus verschiedenen Nationen, die sonst in ganz unterschiedlichen musikalischen Genres und Konstellationen arbeiten – u. a. mit dem Ensemble Intercontemporain, Afrobeat-Gründer Tony Allen, The Notwist oder dem Konzeptkünstler Cory Arcangel.«
orchestra | classic | jazz

084 – Trio Schallwerk (d, Berlin)
CHamburg, 8.9.2013
»Die drei Musiker, die seit Ende 2010 zusammenarbeiten, spielen Improvisierte Musik unterschiedlichster Couleur – ruhig und meditativ, energetisch und eruptiv, harmonisch, melodiös und rhythmisch oder auch experimentell und geräuschhaft. Stille und Ruhe findet in den Improvisationen ebenso statt wie komplexe Tongewebe.«
jazz | free jazz | improvisation

083 – My Beloved (dk)
Copenhagen, 26.06.2008
»MY BELOVED are playing magnificent capturing instrumental music noir that in basis consist of guitar, synths, piano, drums and bass. The music is a mood creating and emotional maelstrom that with storming crescendoes and beautiful passages creates a lively and organic feeling of existence and will. The experimenting sound-surfaces clarify the presence of the art and especially of the passion, and the use of noise makes MY BELOVED appear as a totally unique band, which with new thinking and in a different way produce yet another fearless album. Yet an atmospheric journey in time and mood.Live, MY BELOVED shows their true strength. With great performance and energy they drag the audience deep into their universe and leave non behind. MY BELOVED is a live band. An artwork where the magic is created in the moment and where the listener becomes a part of the work.«
instrumental | noir | post rock

082 - HVAD / Kid Kishore (dk)
Copenhagen, 3.7.2009
»Nørrebro in Copenhagen is home to what is (presumably) the world’s only municipal record cutting studio. Known as Kommunal Dubplate Service, the studio is the haunt of artist and musician Hari Shankar Kishore, a unique figure on the Danish performance and music scene. In addition to producing dubplates in collaboration with the studio’s users, Kishore creates his own works under the alias HVAD.«

081 –Jaruzelski (de, Köln)
Hamburg, 9.12.2007
»Jaruzelski was a typical product of the wild german underground-scene of the 80s to provoke and shock the lame socialdemocratic scene which was the ruling political class in Cologne for several decades. The choice of this special name (of this special person) was (and still is) their statement not to communicate in a constructive way with the ruling class: total confrontation. Their music includes loosely structured power-noise-performances between Free Jazz (in the tradition of Masayuki Takayanagi, The Flying Luttenbachers, Last Exit), Rock'n'Roll (The Fall, Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley) and live-action (the guitar player, Dr. Borg, is really dancing with his chair while outcasting his life!).«
free jazz | noise

080 – Harald Sack Ziegler (de, Köln)
Hamburg, 19.12.2007
»HALF OF: Sack & Blumm, Sack & Flim, Sack & 96, Sack & E*Rock, Sack & Sheffield, Sack & Leowald, Sack & Schuwerack, Sack & Winter.
MEMBER OF: Jaruzelski, Kirchhoffs Toechter, minibar, Wetter? Nein Danke!
GUEST MUSICIAN FOR: F.S.Blumm, Mouse On Mars, Flim, C-Schulz & hajsch, Schmitz & Niebuhr, The Absurd, Marcus Schmickler, Trespassers W, Wevie Stonder, Trend, Jona, Wolke, Ilse Lau, Gerda Nettesheim, Klee, Angelika Express, Doc Wör Mirran, Arzathon, Occupied Head, Hobbykeller ...«
avantgarde | spoken word

079 – Tetsuya Hori & Izumi Ose (jp)
Hamburg, 8.6.2011
Composer Tetsuya Hori: »I like to write music for instruments, vocals, electronics and objects as the instrumentation of solo, ensemble, chamber and orchestral music. But for which instrumentation I want to compose is always fluid.I compose for various performing musicians, chamber and symphony orchestra.«
Yurie Ido Performer »moved to Berlin in 2003.Since then she has been performing her work throughout the world.«
avantgarde | drone | experimental

078 - Bob Log III (us)
Rostock, 9.5.2004
»A man in a human cannonball suit soon appeared from a side door, his head completely obscured by a tinted black helmet, its front welded into a telephone which seemed to wirelessly amplify his voice to the audience. Bob Log III launched into a mind-blowing set, finger-picking his beaten-up black guitar for a sound of steel string blues and heavy rock n’ roll. The sound was reminiscent of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion if it had to be categorised, but his music would be better described as Jerry Lee Lewis crossed with a little of Tom Waits’ heavy industrial sounds.«
– 2012
blues | lo-fi | experimental rock | slide guitar

077 – The Dark Blue Orchestra (fr)
Hamburg, 30.4.2018
»The Dark Blue Orchestra lays the soundtrack for a film noir that was never made, where Jim Jarmush meets Freaks and the lines between fiction and reality are seriously blurred. And when singer Don DiMartino enters the stage, he casts a spell over you: his multifarious voice is perfectly accompanied by strong and incisive riffs, a warm and powerful bass line as well as a vigorous drum play. The powerful synergy of all musicians steeps the public in a dark, broody but strangely enthusing atmosphere – and within a minute everyone is wrapped in a beautiful and unique curtain called rock‘n‘roll noir: you can slightly hear the crackling noises of old vinyl in the singer‘s voice and get a glimpse of being a wiseguy.«
cabaret | rock'n'roll noir

076 – SPEkTR (dk)
Copenhagen, 30.6.2008
»What SPEkTR are composing, is something that uses elements of rock, surf, electronics and vocal-stylings, so that it’s rock music. But not the characteristic rock’n'roll that people associate with film-soundtracks today, it’s actually an older school….but with a futurist ambition«
– David Fricke, Rolling Stone mMgazine
garage | rock | surf | electronica

075 – Stig Noise Sound System (fr)
Rostock, 19.10.2011
»As Stig Noise we make continually evolving, noisy, folksy experimental music using Violins, trumpet, multi drummers, old casio's & toys riding ridiculous bass ommiting music. [...] Our self recorded output (a select handful of independent labels) and live shows (100s and 100's through over 15 countries) is an ongoing analysis of hooks and motivational sound, exploring and discovering ways to exist.«
experimental joyful gypsy noise music

074 – 13 Year Cicada (de, Berlin)
Hamburg, 27.6.2019
»13 YC are Philip, Hotti and Zooey. They play drums, bass and synth/voice. They like band practices that start in the morning and end at night. They like rhythms that are so hard to memorize they make everyone enter a state without beginning and ending. They like coming off stage so exhausted they can't even speak. 13 YC like recording, but it really makes a lot of sense to see them live. Their genre fluid style doesn't really make sense. But that's kind of the point. Their shared attitude towards playing a show is what makes it work. And from Tenerife to Berne, Barcelona to Berlin, playing is what they like best.«
experimental | alternative | electronic | mathpop

073 – MAG (se)
Hamburg, 29.7.2011
»MAG aka Magdalena Ågren is based in Gothenburg Sweden. She works with live samplings of trombone, megaphone, voice, field recordings and noise, together with a drum machine. The music is built up from scratch. From the smallest simple element it grows to a gigantic dystopian lo-fi orchestra that sometimes is restrained and suggestive, sometimes chaotic and wild. MAGs music strives for deep innerness and a powerful power in its expression, that seeks both confrontation and commonality.«
punky trombone pop

072 – Rocket Freudental (de, Freudental)
Rostock, 8.6.2003
»Rocket/Freudental, german drum-n-vocals-duo formed in 1998 in Freudental / Stuttgart area. Releasing genre-breaking albums from bluespunk to krautrock to electro, performing on self-built instruments and collaborating with a lot of gifted musicians.«
bluespunk | krautrock | electro

071 – badun (dk)
Hamburg, 31.12.2007
»Badun was formed in 2002 in Århus, Denmark. Many years have passed since they left earth to travel through space ,sometimes faster, sometimes slower, than light. This gives the result of a sound, changing alignment with the passing of different ages, and in many ways, a timeless approach to jazz & Electronic music.«
electronic | jazz | fusion

070 – Secret Chiefs 3 (us)
Hamburg, 4.7.2011
»Secret Chiefs 3 is an ever unfolding musical vision. In 2004 on the album "Book of Horizons" it was revealed that Secret Chiefs 3 has always been a general name for seven different bands, each representing a different aspect of a musical and philosophical intersection. The seven bands are The Electromagnetic Azoth, UR, Ishraqiyun, Traditionalists, Holy Vehm, FORMS, and a yet unheard seventh band. The sub-groups are appearing increasingly under their own names.«
avantgarde | folk | rock

069 – Sonic Cunt (it)
Hamburg, 25.1.2018
»No hype, no crap, no headliners.«
grind | punk | alternative love

068 – Kosmo Koslowski (de, Hamburg)
Hamburg, 14.9.2013
» This is imaginary world-music of the highest order, deeply rooted in both jazz music in its open and creative form, and in as many referential folk-dance-styles as you please, poetic and swift at the same time, narrative and ecstatic, the soundtrack to 2000 and 1 nights...«
piratenjazz | balkan | klezmer | psychedelic | gameboy

067 – La Minor band (ru)
Hamburg, 15.05.2012
»A unique Russian band from St. Petersburg, which has developed its special and refined style in almost two decades. Winners of the award of the largest Russian radio station "Radio Chanson" and participants of numerous international festivals: from Fusion to Cannes Film Festival. Because of the skill and charm the musicians at the La-Minor's concerts are always a party atmosphere. What little really good that left a legacy of Soviet culture, is a huge number, a subculture, surprisingly lyrical, ironic and masterfully composed songs, which are skillfully interwoven marginal romance, wisdom and stories worthy of Jules Verne and Vasily Shukshin.«
urban folk | jazz | ska | klezmer | world music

066 – Orchestra of Spheres (nz)
Rostock, 21.12.2011
»Channeling ancient future funk from the IS! Warping spatioelastoplasticity with sound! Born out of Wellington's Frederick Street Sound and Light Exploration Society in 2009, the Spheres have developed a cult-like following in New Zealand. Playing house parties, dance parties, DIY shows and opera houses, the Spheres have built a reputation for musically and visually ecstatic live shows.Like celestial sponges the Spheres' clonga sound draws on influences far and wide: kuduro, psychedelic primary school disco, fire music, kwaito, free improv, south pacific demolition, shangaan electro, zeuhl, mbalax, kosmische quiche, tarraxo, witch doctor haus, orgasmo brain rave, juke/footwork, polynesian no wave prog, quarr, costume rock, inner brain clap, funk puppetré...«
psychedelic | south pacific demolition | orgasmo brain rave

065 - GTUK (de, Berlin)
Rostock, 13.5.2010
»Sebastian Hagedorn, AKA, GTUK is a small German man who screams like a caged animal whose been listening to Orhid records through his My First Sony Cassette Player over his Lo Fi Nintendo beats. On Face Value, thats pretty much the jist of it. [...] Call it what you will; nintendocore, cybergrind, 8 bit screamo, it doesn't mater. It's eccentric, it's crude, it's awesome. Either listen and get kicked in the balls (figuratively) or don't, and get kicked in the balls (literally).«
– Sputnikmusic, Fort23
nintendocore | 8bit | screamo | electronica

064 – les trucs (de, Frankfurt)
Hamburg, 23.6.2018
»Les Trucs are a Frankfurt based duo, existing since 2008 as a liveband, performance duo, artistcollective (Kristallo with Jonathan Penca, MMODEMM with Benny Bascom) and composers of theatremusic (with Nis Momme Stockmann, Schorsch Kamerun, Wittrock/Wagner).They released several records inernationally on labels such as zeitstrafe, fettkakao, staatsakt, music airport (Japan). They are co founders of cassettelabel MMODEMM and labelcollective Knertz. Rolande Garros, Host Stewart, Mutandini Karl are their solo projects.«
– Discogs
electronica | experimental | pop

063 – Magnum Coltrane Price (se)
Hamburg, 1.6.2018
»Magnum Coltrane Price is a globetrotter. The bassplayer, who was born in Sweden in 1969 and partly grew up in Detroit, received his first record deal in his home country at the tender age of 19. But abroad he only became known when he began touring with Nils Landgren’s Funk Unit. As early as 1997 he contributed to his successful album “Painted Blue”.
Since then also many US-stars have used the services of the powerful bassist. Maceo Parker, Roy Hargrove, and Mary J. Blige are just three from a whole phalanx. But Magnum Coltrane Price is not just a veritable accompanist but also sings and composes and leads his own band. His debut album “Level Up” was released on Landgren’s own Redhorn label. “My composing music is about observing and analyzing the world around me”, he says.«
- Elbjazz
jazz | funk

062 - Haflertrio (uk)
Rostock, 13.5.2003
»Originally a duo formed in the early 80s by Andrew McKenzie and Chris Watson (with the third part of the 'trio' being a fictional scientist named Dr. Edward Moolenbeek), Hafler Trio quickly became the solo project of McKenzie (although often working with guest artists) with a strong focus on the absurd and multimedia work ( Hafler Trio recordings often having carefully and elaborately designed packaging) and Watson going on to a critically regarded career as a field recording artist and sound engineer.«
chanson | musique concrete | performance

061 – Rapidax (uk)
Hamburg, 25.7.2014
»Guitars, kick drums, and anything else that makes noize!«
Metal | Gabba | Hardcore | Punk | Breakcore | Crossover

060 – Vialka (fr)
Rostock, 14.4.2011
»Vialka is a platform for the creative output of Eric Boros and Marylise Frecheville. Since 2002 they have toured the globe incessantly, released over ten albums, formed the six-piece big band KIV Orchestra, and constructed solar-powered sound systems in India and Taiwan. Recent projects include an experimental opera, workshops, and music for theatre and short-film.«
jazz | progressive | postrock

059 – Albatre (nl)
Bremen, 2.5.2012
»Albatre is a new experimental music trio operating from Rotterdam. Their music is a joyously harrowing display of urgent bass & sax noise, skewed jazz elements, frantic but meticulous drumming and abrupt moodshifts. Albatre can be seen as part of a burgeoning micro scene of artists highlighting the crossover of improv, noise rock and jazz currently made in Holland.«
jazzcore | avantgarde

058 – #blacklivesmatter #blackouttuesday #checkyourprivilege
Hamburg, 2.6.2020

057 – Father Murphy (it)
Hamburg, 11.5.2015
»Father Murphy is the sound of the Catholic sense of Guilt.A downward spiral aiming at the bottom of the hollow, and then digging even deeper. After having furiously performed all over Europe, toured North America with Deerhoof, Dirty Beaches and Xiu Xiu, been praised by the Archdruid Julian Cope, among lots of others, Father Murphy, with three albums and a plethora of EPs and limited releases, over the years became one of the most mysterious and enigmatic musical entities coming out of Italy, part of that community that Simon Reynolds started to call the new “Italian Occult psychedelia”.«
psychedelic | avant church music | occult

056 – Michel Gentils (fr)
Dunkuerque, 11.7.2013
»The music of this unclassifiable musician with a very engaging personality, will take you on a journey into a poetic world of sound, changing climates, streaked with breathtaking improvisations, the discovery of an instrument that we thought we knew: the guitar twelve strings.«
–Jean-Pierre Favino, luthier
acoustic guitar | folk | jazz

055 – Aguirre (fr)
Rostock, 23.2.2012
»We just need to play dirty sludge, to eat tofu, to booze cheap alcohol, to dirve 800km each day for a gig, to make some rotten tattoos, to break guitars and mics, to share our last beers with you and to fuck that world together. [...] We don't care about bullshit like Myspace or Facebook etc etc. The best is to meet you in real life! See you on the road, stay simple, stay rebel, stay evil.«
sludge | crust | punk

054 – Ogoya Nengo & The Dodo Women's Group (ke)
Hamburg, 4.8.2015
»Einem Europäischen Publikum wurde Ogoya Nengo erstmals 2011 auf dem Album Kenya Sessions von Sven Kacirek vorgestellt, das ihren virtuosen, aber unaufdringlichen Gesang in die komplexen Klangcollagen des Hamburger Percussionisten einbettete.
Eine Sammlung ihrer Stücke im Stil der traditionellen, zunehmend in Vergessenheit geratenden Dodo-Musik ist auf dem Londoner Label Honest Jon’s erscheinen, das auch schon die Musik von Mark Ernestus & Jeri-Jeri einem größeren Publikum zugänglich gemacht hat.«
dodo | folk | percussion

053 – Reginfirra (is)
Copenhagen, 4.2.2010
»The Icelandic quartet Reginfirra was formed in the summer of 2009. The quartet received a grant from Reykjavík's Cultural Fund in order to brighten up the city centre during the summertime. After a week or two of working on their compositions (but mainly fooling around and eating), Reginfirra began to appear frequently on the streets of Reykjavík, gradually imprinting their quirky tunes into the minds of tourists and pedestrians. The band also organized a few indoor concerts at local venues, where its dynamic material could be heard in proper acoustics. To make the summer even more memorable, the quartet participated in the Young Nordic Jazz Comets, held in Oslo in september, where it shared the first prize with the powerful Trondheimian trio, PELbO.«
jazz | fusion | jazzrock

052 – Action Beat (uk)
Rostock, 28.9.2010
»Action Beat is an instrumental improvisational noise rockband from Bletchley, UK, which is often made up of musicians who are available to play the gig on any particular date. They normally have at least 4 guitarists, a bassist and between 1 and 4 drummers.«
– Discogs
instrumental improvisation | noiserock

Lucas ‘Granpa’ Abela (au)
Rostock, 28.1.2004
»What's been described as "a trumpet player trapped in a two dimensional universe" is in fact the unique work of Lucas Abela aka JUSTICE YELDHAM, a maverick musician with an unhealthy obsession with sheets of broken glass. In his now infamous show which has astonished and bemused countless people in over 45 countries, Abela ecstatically purses his lips against panes of amplified glass whilst deftly employing various vocal techniques ranging from throat singing to raspberries, to turn the discarded shards into crude musical instruments. The results are a wild array of oddly controlled cacophonous noise teetering on the edge of music. This one of a kind act re-defines the expression 'don't try this at home' and quite simply needs to be witnessed to be fully appreciated, let alone understood.«
free noise | performance

050 - Charles Hayward (uk)
Rostock, 17.1.2012
»CHARLES HAYWARD is known as the pioneering drummer with This Heat and Camberwell Now, an ever growing list of solo concerts and CDs (latest solo release: "ONE BIG ATOM", 2012), special collaborative performances, and is in Massacre with Bill Laswell and Fred Frith. Throughout the 90’s up to the present he has initiated a bewildering array of events and performances, including the widely acclaimed series Accidents + Emergencies at the Albany Theatre, Out of Body Orchestra (too much sound, not enough space, not enough time), music made from the sound of the new Laban dance centre being built which was choreographed for the official opening, music for a circus (part of the National Theatre’s ‘Art of Regeneration’ initiative), the full-on installation/performance Anti-Clockwise (with Ashleigh Marsh and David Aylward) for multiple strobes, maze structure of diverse textures, 2 drummers, synthesizers and your nervous system. Recent developements include the Continuity evenings as part of Camberwell Arts. Committed to song ‘but the shapes have to change,’ his current one-man show is an intoxicating mix of percussive attack, swirling electronics and lyrical fragment collage.«
jazz | avantgarde rock | art rock

049 – Vic Ruggiero (us)
Amsterdam, 3.10.2006
»A one man show with guitar, Mini-Drumset und Mouthorgan, Vic presents songs in the style of Rockabilly und Country. His interpretations of these music genres will also delight fans of his ska background.«
blues | rock | folk | rockabilly

048 – Slagsmålsklubben (se)
Amsterdam, 5.11.2007
»Slagsmålsklubben are a Swedish electronic music group from Norrköping, Östergötland. The group's name is a comically literal Swedish translation of the title of the novel and film Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. They have released five studio albums so far. Along with their side projects 50 Hertz and Häxor och porr (Witches and Porn), they were featured on Björk's 2005 remix album Army of Me: Remixes and Covers.«
synthpop | chiptune | pitpop | electronica

047 – Ahleuchatistas (us)
Hamburg, 10.12.2010
»Progressive rock organism evolving and expanding into infinity.« In 2010, the musical project known as Ahleuchatistas (AH - LOO - CHA - TEES - TAS) began performing new music for guitar & drums duet. Shane Perlowin plays guitar and Ryan Oslance plays drums. This arrangement of the band officially premiered at the 2010 Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, Tennessee on March 28th.

»… remarkably tight, with the ability to turn complicated and seemingly unrelated phrases on a dime.«
progrock | avantrock | jazz | electronic

046 – Omni Selassi (ch)
Hamburg, 29.10.2019
»Viel hilft. OMNI SELASSI spielen auf zum musikalischen Verhängnis. Und nichts ist mehr wie vorher: Aufspaltung und Zerlegung, symbiotisch, androgyn, kaleidoskopisch polytox. Ihr Spiel ist eine Reise, etwa mit einer Rakete (high up / highest), einem Unterseeboot (deep down / deepest), einem Güterzug. In Bewegung, immer. Schliesslich entzünden sie sich selbst, tauchen sich in Spiritus, der Teppich steht in Brand und Rauch füllt allen Raum, mit dem Himmel als Dach. Zwei Schlagzeuge auf Gesang, viel elektroakustisch Verdrehtes, tu es dirselbst, bald peitschend, bald laut. Call it: Superflux Tribe vs. Bubblegum Drone. Kraut. Punk. Levitate.«
avantgarde | krautpop | bubblegum drone

045 – Knalpot (nl)
Amsterdam, 11.10.2007
»"A motorbike race between Radiohead, Clark and Squarepusher", that's how the critically acclaimed duo KNALPOT often gets described. With electro, dub, post-rock, ambient and jazz as its main pillars, KNALPOT's sound always remains an utterly hybrid mix of many genres. In concerts they keep reinterpreting their compositions with their very own and virtuoso way of multitasking between bass, guitar, casios, drums and big amounts of analogue electronics, creating sonic whirlwinds that alternate with whispery-soft sections. The austrian/french/german duo operates from their home-base Amsterdam and has reached the status of one the Netherlands most exciting live-bands since the release of their debut-release Serious Outtakes in 2009.«

Since today, Knalpot played seven times on our stage. 2007 was their very first appearance aboard. We have more and newer productions from 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2015 in our selections - check 'em out. The cancelled gig from 2018 is still on hold, let's hope for the future.
avantgarde | rock | electronic

044 – Lunar Deception (uk)
London, 14.12.2012
»Haunting psychedelic soundscapes. Rattlesnake dreams. Navigating Titan. 4 piece from London and beyond. Ethereal, darkwave, spacey synthpop that carries with it just a touch of Gothic darkness. An otherworldly journey that blends tribal New Age rhythms, celestial synthscapes, and mesmerizing vocals together in such a way as to create what amounts to a sonic out-of-body experience.«
electronic | psychedelic | darkwave | dream rock

043 – WHOURKR (fr)
Copenhagen, 15.2.2010
»Consituted of Igorrr and MULK, WHOURKR is an experimental band evolving at the frontiers of Death Metal, Electronica and Breakcore. Igorrr started the whole project in 2005 with the help of Öxxö Xööx, soon to be joined by -i snor. Immediately the band finds a groundbreaking concept, getting inspiration both from the primitive side of Death Metal and the delicate and cold side of Electronica. The resulting sound is mostly made of guitars, drums and vocals, all passed through a digital chopper. The name "WHOURKR" was born from a long research on the primitive human shout. This recurrent sound is the link and the key to the language used in the band's creations: in order to dig further into feelings, the singing doesn't bother with the weight of words. No significance, no translation: the voice is a howling instrument that creates an emotional language.«
electronic | grind | metal | breakcore

042 – PinioL (fr)
Hamburg, 18.10.2018
»Make no mistake: when dealing with Piniol, you shouldn’t put the spectacular side of the formula before the music. Of course, on paper, this 7-headed Hydra clearly stands out fromthe French musical landscape. In an ever-growing trend of simplicity (be it in the line-up or the music, precisely), Piniol set no limits. Born of the spontaneous reunion of two bands (Poil and Ni), Piniol (yes, there’s a pun, but you need to know French slang…) have, from day one, chosen to occupy various musical grounds, all of them wild and free (noise, jazz, avant-rock, math) while cultivating a permanent research and perpetual movement, like only 7 brains can create.«
avantrock | jazz | mathrock | fusion

041 – Wonga (de, Rostock/Berlin)
Szczecin, 3.8.2003
»Erstmal fällt es schwer zu glauben, dass Wonga nur zwei Leute sind. Da sind ein Bassist, eine Loopstation und ein Schlagzeuger und an keiner Stelle vermisst man je etwas. Zwar ist unüberhörbar, wie gut die Zwei ihre Instrumente beherrschen, doch darauf kommt es nicht an. Da hört man zunächst genau hin, denkt, Postrock, gut gemacht, aber erst wenn die Musik dann eine Weile spielt wird klar, dass hier in erster Linie Atmosphäre verbreitet wird. Die Musik von Wonga ist beides: Looporientiert spartanisch im Aufbau, ornamental und verspielt im Detail und das entfaltet diesen Sog, dem man sich schwer entziehen kann. Dabei werden dunkle Klänge und lebhafte Rhythmen so miteinander verwoben, dass sie sich gegenseitig stützen. Wonga erzeugen Energie.«
Gregor Hennig - Le Chatelet
neokraut | postrock | experimental

040 – Popcore (cn)
Hamburg, 14.5.2015
»Simon Laroche / Manuel Chantre
»Popcore presents multidisciplinary performances that have an aesthetic of subversion issued from the transformation of popculture icons. Popcore is based on the originality of presentation formats and mediums, and by the interactivity between these mediums and participating artists. Popcore can also be considered as a collective and is composed of artists and professionals from such domains as audio, video and new media art, robotics, electronic arts, electroaccoustics and performance art.The event showcases each artist individually and is followed by a 'jam session' with all the crew. The show has a performer MC, that dynamically presents artists and their performances.Popcore performances involves new artistic practices such as live music created with portable videogames, domotic performances with domestic objects controlled with computers, use of electric toys and circuit bending, destruction and transformation of 'outdated' mediums, the use of old TV's as synthesisers and drummer robots... Popcore wants to encourage presentation of new media art and new forms of creating sounds and videos.«
electronic | experimental | media performance

039 - Raed Khoshaba (iq)
Hamburg, 14.5.2015
»Raed Khoshaba was born in Baghdad. Khoshaba belongs to a very unique and old school of ud playing. His music comes from the heart and the mind and is full of musical phrases which come from the heritage of the iraqi maqam through the art of improvisation (taqasim) and the other composition forms; thus proving his talent by using the technical aspect in playing which assured the intensity and beauty of the tone.
He went away from his country and gave ud concerts around the world where he presented the music he loved, studied and believed in, in a very unique and nice form whether as a solist or with the ensembles he created and/or played with; where he was fond of presenting his own style which has its roots in the iraqi school, as well as using a high poetic musical language in order to reach every human heart in the world.«
folk | oriental

038 – Nova Huta vs. Frau Kraushaar (de, Hamburg)
Hamburg, 8.12.2007
»Datschadelic Music Project by Reznicek since 1999«
Frau Kraushaar: »artist/performer/musician - lives and works in hamburg, first concert with 14, studies at the contemporary art school in hamburg, concept art, video art, appropriation or the aneignung der aneignung, added up by plays of voices, radioplays.«
electronic | avantgarde | datschadelic

037 – Hanne Kolstø (no)
Copenhagen, 14.3.2010
»In 2019, Hanne Kolstø celebrates 10 years as an artist. As one of the most productive and lauded musicians on the Norwegian indie scene, Kolstø now readies her ninth solo album Jue. With a more experimental sound than earlier and a party program proclaiming that music should be free, Kolstø challenges traditional song structures with these ten new songs.«
singer-songwriter | indie | alternative

036 – Selvhenter (dk)
Hamburg, 9.12.2013
»The fascinating music of Selvhenter is created by a foundation of strong polyrhythmic patterns from the two drummers while the horns intertwine in heavy riffs, pop-like melodies and textures of sound. The horns are often manipulated by the use of effect pedals which gives a special timber of multiple amplified overtones and frequencies. As a result the sound of Selvhenter is beautiful, energetic and danceable. It brings forward associations of rock, pop, noise, drone and improvisation – but also influences from the percussion music of Africa and Southeast Asia as well as modern minimalist composition.
The four members of the band are all well-known musicians on the Copenhagen experimental music scene, active in bands, performance groups and solo projects such as Meshes, Ymers Pizza, Frk. Jacobsen, Gud Er Kvinde, Valby Vokalgruppe, SOLW, Jaleh Negari and Sonja Labianca.«
experimental | jazz | rock

035 – Acid Mothers Temple (jp)
Amsterdam, 29.11.2007
»Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. (and subsequent offshoots) is a Japanese psychedelic rock band, the core of which formed in 1995.[1] The band is led by guitarist Kawabata Makoto and early in their career featured many musicians, but by 2004 the line-up had coalesced with only a few core members and frequent guest vocalists. The band has released albums frequently on a number of international record labels as well as the Acid Mothers Temple family record label, which was established in 1998 to document the activities of the whole collective.«
psychedelic rock | experimental rock

034 – Tarek Atoui (lb/fr)
Amsterdam, 30.08.2008
»Tarek Atoui is an artist and composer who works within the medium of sound. His works are informed by extensive research into music history and tradition, that come to life in performances that explore new methods of collaboration and production. At the center of his work there is an ongoing reflection between the individual and the general and the open and dynamic nature of live performance.«
electronica | electroacoustics

033 – 116 Inaktiv (de, Bremen)
Hamburg, 10.10.2014
»Eingepfercht zwischen Eierkartons haben sich 116 INAKTIV mit Stimme, Computer, Gitarre und dem Surren der Elektroheizung in ein kreischig-wirres Digitalanalog-Gebilde verstrickt, das sich in einem langen zuckenden Tanz auflöst. Die Musik entwickelt und zersetzt sich wieder, während die Songs im Soundlabyrinth herumirren und auf die Bruchlandung des Beats zusteuern. Es gibt den ersten und den letzten Ton – dazwischen werden Zähne gezogen, Herzen geöffnet und ein drittes Tanzbein angenäht. Ob das wehtut oder guttut wird sich zeigen…«
electronica | postglitchpunk

032 – Barberos (uk)
Rostock, 28.09.2010
»Combining an eclective mix of genres, including the obvious drum fuelled pollyrhymic electro thrashings, Barberos infuse elements of jazz, noise, dub, breakcore and prog, framed in heart racing theatrics using costume and projections to communicate their joyful danceable musings to their ever widening audience.«
noise | dub | progressive | jazz | electronica

031 – PELbO (no)
Copenhagen, 28.01.2010
»Pelbo is vocals, tuba, drums and electronics. A dynamic trio from Norway that challenges genres and other musical rules.«
»The thing about PELbO is that, as they continue to successfully blend the innovative, liberating spirit of jazz and the intelligently hip compositions of pop, it’s going to be hard for any audience to say no.« – Sam Spokony
jazz | rock | pop | electronica

030 – Bohemian Betyars (hu)
Rostock, 5.2.2012
»Bohém: People practising an unconventional lifestyle, living with lightsome and unwaried optimism; careless about social norms, cheerful. Betyár: Outlawed highwaymen in the 18-19th century; later legendary figures in the public mind, fighting for social justice; today young striplings, taking their own way.
br>Formed in 2009, Bohemian Betyars is a fiddler band with a purpose to spread the feeling of bitter revelry (an oh so Hungarian specialty) the farthest possible. Self-described as speed-folk freak-punk, their music has evolved into a new, exciting mixture – including rocking punk bouncing ska, swooping psychedelia, melodic themes all spiced up with Hungarian, Balkanic and Gipsy elements.«
speed folk | freak punk | ska | gipsy

029 – Pisse (de, Hoyerswerda)
Hamburg, 22.06.2018
»Ihr habt euch wahrscheinlich auch schon gefragt, was ist eigentlich aus PISSE geworden, den vielversprechenden musikalischen Präzisionsschrottverwertern aus Hoyerswerda, mit Unterhaltungsknüllern wie "Scheiß DDR, scheiß BRD, scheiß Europa", "Ich möchte alt sein" oder "Ich bin der schönste Mann in der Nervenheilanstalt", die in Dauerschleife auf eurem Telefon liefen? Als ihr jedesmal den Lautestärkeregler des Radios nach oben gerissen habt, wenn die majestätischen Eingangsakkorde von "Marlboro Mann" erklangen? Von denen ihr nicht nur die Platte, die Kassette, die CD, das T-Shirt, sondern auch noch die Deluxe-Edition gekauft habt? Und den ganzen Krempel dann auf den Sperrmüll gestellt habt, um Platz in der Wohnung zu schaffen? Tja, werte Spießer, es ist wieder so weit.«
punk | synthpunk

028 – Stellar OM Source (fr)
Amsterdam, 06.10.2008
Synthlady makes outsider dolphin music.
»Stellar OM Source is the solo music project of Christelle Gualdi, a French-Italian music producer and DJ from Paris.«
electronica | psychedelic | synth

027 – Kouhei and Scotch Egg (jp)
Bremen, 06.05.2012
»Excerpt from a a japanese-american night of experimental hip hop music:
Japan Hip Hop Noise Bassacre: Kouhei Matsunaga + Shigeru Ishihara aka Scotch Bonnet aka DJ Scotch Egg«
hip hop | noise

026 – Feindrehstar (de, Jena)
Hamburg, 26.05.2012
»Feindrehstar verbinden in ihrer unerschöpflichen Natur des Rhythmus das Funktionale mit dem Ornamentalen auf der Basis von Funk, Jazz & Afro angetriebener Tanzmusik mit gehöriger House- Kante und dezentem Hip-Hop Gestus. Der live performte Club Sound kommt direkt aus dem Bauch. Die Kapelle organisiert beim Publikum eine Reise zu sich selbst, um Rhythmus bewegungsaktiv zu erkunden. Die Zellen werden endgültig zum Grooven gebracht, wie eine Art Verinnerlichung von Atmung und Puls zu jedem Taktschlag.«
jazz | electronica | dance | funk

025 – Ted Milton & Sam Britton "Odes" (uk)
Hamburg, 21.11.2019
Das Nebenprojekt 'Odes' zu Ted Miltons 'Blurt' begleitet die Stubnitz bereits seit längerer Zeit, u. a. mit einem Gastspiel an Bord in Amsterdam 2007 sowie bei einem Stubnitz special-Programm in der Volksbühne Berlin im April 2011 (von beiden Shows gibt es Ausschnitte in den Media-Selections).

»Odes is a continuing documentation of Ted Milton’s musical collaborations outside of his band Blurt. Initially published as a limited edition book and recording by the Brussels-based laboratory for contemporary transdisciplinary arts Nadine, the release compiled collaborations with The Back To Normal Orchestra, Steve Beresford, Sam Britton, Andreas Gerth, Herman Martin, Paddy Steers and Seymour Milton, documenting Ted’s exploration of new musical territories.

Since its release, the music on Odes has been translated and re-interpreted by Ted Milton and Sam Britton into a live show, adding unexpected performative twists to the existing material and new settings for Milton’s poetry and saxophone. The result is a vital, energetic vehicle that pushes the collaborative expeditions ever further, simultaneously adding new work along the way.«
poetry | electronica | free jazz | no wave

024 – Gnod (uk)
Bremen, 16.04.2012
»Seit ihrer Gründung 2006 hat das britische Bandkollektiv GNOD zahlreiche Metamorphosen durchlaufen. Ange­fangen als schamanisches Drone-Ensemble mit teilweise 15 Musikern auf der Bühne, ist das Kollektiv auf der Suche nach immer neuen sonischen Welten. Der britische New Musical Express schreibt: „This band is crazy good... see them live now“.«
alternative | drone | industrial | psychedelic | tribal

023 - Fuo (de, Hamburg)
Hamburg, 05.10.2010
»Wem der Sinn nach facettenreicher, experimenteller Musik steht und dennoch die ein oder andere hymnenhafte Popmelodie gerne zur Kenntnis nimmt, der ist bei fuo gut aufgehoben. Die vier Hamburger zelebrieren instrumentale Kleinode, welche sich stilistisch am ehesten in die Rubrik Postrock sortieren lassen.«
postrock | indie | shoegaze | instrumental

022 - Zong (fr)
Amsterdam, 02.10.2008
»Zong is an electronic music band from La Réunion. Their music integrates elements of rock, dub, maloya, techno, drum and bass, groove, even punk thanks to the energetic stage play of the singer.«
electronica | dub | rock | maloya

021 - Kimatica (uk)
London, 04.05.2013
»We are a London based creative studio funded in 2012. Working at the intersection of the human body, performance and interactive technology, we create unique digital experiences that dissolve the boundaries between fantasy and reality.
Our artistic practise explores concepts of human consciousness and perception, making those transcendental ideas accessible to a modern audience, to inspire reconnection with the magical thinking.
We’ve also provided our skills and vision to commercial clients, where we translate our concepts and ideas into more approachable experiences to connect with a wider public.«
– Kimatica Studio
dance | performance | visuals

020 - Gutbucket (us)
Hamburg, 17.02.2014
Bereits 15 mal waren Gutbucket bei uns an Bord! »Gutbucket sind, vor allem anderen, eine richtige Band, die mit beeindruckender Energie und ausgeprägtem Ensemble‐Sinn ein Feuerwerk von Ideen abbrennt«, schrieb Eric Mandel in Jazzthetik. »Grundsätzlich ist ihre Euphorie ansteckend«, vermerkte Rolf Thomas in Jazzthing. Und das trifft ganz besonders für die Konzerte der Band zu. Denn wer die wirklichen GUTBUCKET erleben möchte, muss sie auf der Bühne erlebt haben.
Mit den Worten Ralf Dombrowskis: »Was Gutbucket im kreativen Kollektiv leisten, gehört zum Stimmigsten, was die New Yorker Szene derzeit zu bieten hat. Hier spielen sich vier Musiker frei, lassen konsequent, kompetent und humorvoll die Ideologisierung des jazz hinter sich. Das ist neu und berauschend. Und ein Live-Erlebnis besonderer Klasse.«
avant-squonk jazz | post-rock | 21st century classical | punk

019 – Monarch! (fr)
Rostock, 01.03.2012
The infernal majesty of Monarch manifested once more upon the ship.
»Ultraslow doom metal from the southwest of France (members are from Bayonne & Bordeaux, in Aquitaine), with a female throat artist on the mic. They formed in 2002.
Drawing comparisons to the likes of heavy weights Khanate, Burzum, Corrupted and the Melvins, Monarch are a unique band with the pure intent on creating blood curdling feedback drenched physical sound through the use of insane volume and low end frequencies, oh, and with a wall of sweet vintage amps.«
– Discogs
funeral doom | sludge | drone | downtempo | black metal

018 – TRIBAZIK (uk)
London, 13.10.2012
»Tribazik's music is punctuated by acid lines, industrial thuds and tribal beats (triggered by pads around the kit). These combine with a blend of freestyle bass, heavy groove/melodic guitar and manic drums to create the high energy Tribazik sound.
Incorporating a cross-genre fusion of heavy grooves, pulsating sonics and electro-influenced beats, Tribazik challenge today’s complacency in popular rock music. Renowned for their blistering live performances, the band infuse this energy into their songs, combining live samples with sonic vocal chants and psychedelic bass lines. The UK three-piece draw inspiration from a wide range of musical talent and have successfully curated a sound which pushes creative boundaries - breaking musical constraints in the process.«
acid | rave | rock | thrash | breakbeat | psyche

017 – Muslimgauze (uk)
Stockholm, 13.06.1998
»Bryn Jones from Manchester was possibly one of the most prolific music producer around. Music punctured by layers of texture and ambience floating in and out in a hypnotic collision with Arabic voices and a persistent spiralling beat.«
experimental | percussion | electronica | idm

For background information about the concert on board and the mind-boggling circumstances, read this well written article by Marten Sahlen: Muslimgauze in Stockholm

016 – Bebawinigi (it)
Hamburg, 24.04.2018
» the ungraceful, awkward, grotesque, silly, dramatically imperfect being that lives within us all. Bebawinigi is an artistic and musical experimentation. Her use of the voice with its wide tonal properties, registers, colors and styles. Her use of the verbal language, in order to search and explore an invented language, a personal grammelot. Her anarchic use of conventional instruments, as well as common objects that produce peculiar sounds. Her fusion of a wide range of genres - spanning from grunge to new wave, from psychedelia to punk, from industrial to noise – with electronic, blues, jazz, folk and classical. All this combines the theatrical and imaginative approach of live performance, as well as the video clips visual experimentation.«
vocal performance | electronica | avantgarde

015 – Felix Kubin + Mitch & Mitch (de, Hamburg/pl)
Hamburg, 01.02.2014
»Felix Kubin's Bigband mit obskuren Tunes zwischen Swing, Pop & Surf:
In the autumn 2013, the formaldehyd elektronaut FELIX KUBIN and the incredibly flanging big band Mitch & Mitch meets, mixes and mingles in their studios in Warsaw and Hamburg conducting an electro-acoustic experiment: the production of an avant-garde pop library record. To reach this goal they invited German producer legend Tobias Levin to be their electric conduit. With their faces turned to the dark side of the moon and their hearts charged with the alluring moods of Gesamtkunstwerk, they will descend into the cellar of human fear and entartete Rhythmik, sharpen their lenses and look right into the eye of electric voodoo. Upon completion of the delta phase, documented by the underground (but fully legal) laboratories of Lado ABC and Gagarin Records on stereophonic sound carriers, Felix Kubin and Mitch & Mitch will enter the next phase, called “sonic presentations” or “science’s litmus paper.” At the turn of 2013 and 2014 this Big Band X-ray music will arrive in some cities of Europe as a 10-person combo, aided by a sophisticated selection of instruments. Apart from the aforementioned material, they will also present special arrangements of previous exploits of both sets.«
swing | pop | surf | bigband | electronica

014 – Brain of Morbius (uk)
Bruges, 01.09.2002
»Their music defies any definition; and although drawing on many sources, from music hall to punk it never becomes the post-modernist" bit of this and bit of that" pudding stone replicate. In fact, it perhaps reflects the complexities of working-class life in South London, with its scepticism, humour and unwillingness to take the bullshit, more than all the episodes of 'Fools and Horses' strung together.«
- Three Key Sound
cult heroes in chaotic art pop punk

013 – Extra Action Marching Band (us)
Rostock, 24.07.2004
»There's really no need to introduce the Extra Action Marching Band: The Bay Area institution has been crashing parties, invading bars, and blowing minds with its signature "high school marching band on acid" punk-meets-Sousa bombast for years now. The tuba players, flag team, and percussion section take perverse delight in twisting the staid conventions of their respective forms, and it can be downright disorienting to spot a sexy trombone player.«
- Hiya Swanhuyser, SF Weekly 2005
marching band | funk | brass | performance

012 – Estas Tonne (international)
Amsterdam, 20.07.2007
»As a modern-day Troubadour Estas Tonne travels countless places and finds himself in several cultural references without identifying himself with a single nation or country, rather with the cultural richness of the world. His music is therefore a reflection of a classical structure, technique of Flamenco, roots of Gypsy, characteristics of Latin and Electronic Soundscapes.«
folk | classical | flamenco | gypsy

011 – Prinzenallee (us/de, Berlin)
Copenhagen, 21.02.2010
»bleubird & jayrope = Don't let nerds take over your life«
hip hop | electronica | abstract

010 – Dub Trio (us)
Hamburg, 03.11.2019
»Every time we wake up, we return to life. Shaking off slumber, the world seemingly begins anew in front of our eyes. Dub Trio underwent such an awakening. Over nearly two decades together, the Brooklyn triumvirate—Stu Brooks [bass], DP Holmes [guitar], and Joe Tomino [drums]—not only delivered a string of albums that forever redefined the term “dub”under cover of metal, punk, alternative, and shoegaze, but also infused its musical prowess into the studio recordings and the shows of genre-bending icons ranging from Mike Patton to Lady Gaga.«
metal | dub | punk | rock

009 – Jeri-Jeri (sn)
Hamburg, 28.05.2012
»JERI-JERI war eine atemberaubende Zusammenarbeit zwischen dem bekannten Berliner Produzenten Mark Ernestus (Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound) und tonangebenden senegalesischen SABAR Drummern aus einer Musiker Dynastie in KAOLACK / SENEGAL, angeführt von BAKANE SECK, sowie anderen etablierten MBALAX Musikern des Landes, welche auch Mitglieder von Bands wie BAABA MAAL und YOUSSOU N’DOUR sind. Das nachfolgende und aktuelle Projekt von Mark Ernestus heißt NDAGGA RHYTHM FORCE.«
mbalax | sabar | african folk

008 – Fat32 (fr)
Hamburg, 04.07.2011
»From Lyon, France, this live-action musique concrete bit-crushed punk duo are long-time touring-partners with Secret Chiefs 3. It's hard to believe it's just drums and keyboards. If someone said FAT 32's music stands upon foundations erected by bands like Lightning Bolt and Hella, they would be partially right. But the quintessence of FAT32's music sparkles beyond such comparisons into regions occupied by artists like Spike Jones, Edgar Varese, Naked City and Squarepusher.«
avant garde | jazz | noise rock | high energy keyboard distortion

007 – Electronicat (fr)
Hamburg, 21.06.2000
»Electronicat is the alter ego of French musician and performer Fred Bigot, whose work presents a constant switch between experimental noise, rock and pop. The root of his music is in guitar. The way he makes music is all related to the way he plays guitar, including imperfections, lo-fi sound, noise, melody and the practice of improvisation.«
electronica | psychedelic | drone | noise | rock'n'roll

006 – Melt-Banana (jp)
Rostock, 15.10.1999
»MELT-BANANA is a band based in Tokyo JAPAN. Some people say they are noise band, some people say they are so-called no wave band, some people say they are hardcore band, some people say their music is like roller coaster in an amusement park... It is hard to categorize their music, but basically they are rock band with a spice of punk taste.The easiest way to find out is to listen to their music and you will find out.«
noise rock | no wave | hardcore | punk | roller coaster

005 – Killed on X-Mas (de, Rostock)
Stockholm, 25.07.1998
»Das Böse als reale Macht begreifendes, an das Gute glaubendes Dreigestirn am Dezemberhimmel. Den mythischen Gesetzen eines Labyrinthes folgend, immer auf der Suche nach Erlösung, scheinen sie auf tragische Weise zu scheitern. Mit orchestralem Sound versuchen sie sich Gehör zu verschaffen; und nur der Lauf der Zeit wird zeigen, ob sie ihr Ziel jemals erreichen werden.«
noise rock | session rock | tragedy core

004 – Tone (dk)
Amsterdam, 14.01.2009
»With her abstract break beats, delicate voice and mesmerizing lyrics, female singer, performer and producer Tone is known for her powerful experimental electronica sounds ranging from uplifting moods to bleak shades of melancholy.«
electronica | experimental

003 – Mames Babegenush (dk)
Copenhagen, 07.07.2008
»Authentic eastern European folk music meets Nordic soundscapes. Mames Babegenush is the East meeting the North. Strong Scandinavian roots merges with the vibrant dance music of Eastern Europe, from the ambience of Nordic pine trees to lively weddings in Romania the music of Mames Babegenush gives a sense of both melancholy and ecstatic joy. Formed in Copenhagen in 2004 the six-piece ensemble quickly dazzled audiences as well as critics with a fresh sound and musical gumption. The group spent years to perfect the styles of traditional Jewish and Eastern European folk music and have always insisted on leaving their personal mark in their music.«
nordic klezmer | folk

002 – Le Millipede (de, München)
Hamburg, 25.01.2016
»Le Millipede ist ein Projekt von Mathias Götz (Alien Ensemble). Hier im Video mit Markus & Micha Acher (The Notwist / Tied & Tickled Trio), außerdem ist auch Cico Beck (Aloa Input / Joasihno) dabei sowie Stefan Dittlein (von Karl Hector & the Malcouns). Eine sowohl komplexe wie gewinnende, jazz-angelehnte, un-erhörte musikalische Exkursion, mit subtilen Grooves und sublimen Melodien.«
experimental | jazz | electronica | indie | synths | trombone

001 – Hypnodrone Ensemble (ca/de, Berlin)
Hamburg, 21.03.2019
»Aidan Baker & thisquietarmy's expanded polyrhythmic avant rock collective, featuring the core trio of drummers Felipe Salazar, David Dunnett & Jérémie Mortier - occasionally joined by guests: Kristian Sebastian, Angela Munoz, Felix-Florian Tödtloff, Garett Sweeney, Simon Goff, Duchamp, Diego Ferri, Tom Malmendier, Seppe Batens, Jesper Moeslund, Robin Thomson, Charly Buss. Est. 2014.«
rock | drone | krautrock | post-rock | shoegaze | spacerock

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You can also support us by buying tickets. The very special thing about it: You will get hard-tickets in a Stubnitz design sent to you by mail!

Silver-Support-Ticket for 25€:
One free ticket for a concert of your choice and surprise on board.
Gold-Support-Ticket for 50€:
One free ticket for a concert of your choice and surprise DELUXE on board.

In addition there is also our radio show 'Stubnitz Plattenfroster', with live audio recordings from the archive on Lohro 90.2 and at:

As always, please check reliable sources for information about the current situation and generally don't believe any tin foil hat, racist and fake news crap.
We wish you all a good, healthy, sensible and solidary journey through the coming weeks and months. May we all together see beyond our own noses (#savethem #leavenoonebehind), take care and watch out (#questionauthority).

Your Stubnitz Crew


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